At Oryx Translation, we stand out from the crowd –  our journalistic experience helps us unpack the meaning behind your source materials and skillfully translate them to another language.

Impress your clients and readers with natural translations

On the whole, our education competencies in translation, linguistics, and journalism, in alignment with our comprehensive expertise in the Arabic and English languages and our fields of specialisation can put your company literally above the crowd!

When you choose Oryx Translation for a translation assignment, you won’t need an editing and/or proofreading service. Every and each translation project undergoes a very strict internal audit system to have a second eye on all the materials given. There will be at least one editor or reviser and one proofreader assigned for every translation project to ensure smooth and error-free end product.


Even though being bilingual is one of the requirements to being a translator, there are reasonable differences between bilinguals and translators. In other words, while a bilingual is “a person fluent in two languages,” a translator, on the other hand, is a person who masters perfectly two languages into which he/she is translating; acts as a bridge between those two languages.

Simply put, a translator is a highly-educated person who possesses additional qualifications in specialized fields, develops good research and reading skills and has a critical and analytical mind.

But, above all, a translator also has an in-depth knowledge of both the sociological and cultural background of the source and target languages in question.

This is exactly the kind of translator that Oryx Translation works with – this, in turn, will help you avoid any cultural faux-pas!

Editing and Proofreading

At Oryx Translation, you can choose between these two services: editing and/or proofreading. This service is automatically included in any translation service provided by us, but you may also order editing or proofreading for any existing text in English or Arabic.

Our editors and revisers are responsible for varnishing the text at hand by making sure that the translation is homogeneous and all the material checks and language quality controls have been carried out. This includes, without limitation, the improvement of style and flow, checking the factual information and meaning, the enhancement of comprehensiveness, and the like.

Our proofreaders will guarantee a very accurate and correct product both grammatically and terminology-wise.


Oryx Translation is one of the few very distinctive content creation providers on the market.

Our broad experience in media journalism both academically and professionally and extensive knowledge of English and Arabic languages, put us one step ahead of the others.

We have a propensity toward producing well-structured, highly professional news stories and feature articles or documentaries in the two languages at hand.

We are offering unique journalistic articles/stories in different genres and tackle a variety of fields, including, without limitation, technological, economic, cultural, scientific, sports, and automotive pieces, among other areas of specialization. We also provide opinion pieces for many pan-Arab media platforms.

We are familiar with different media platforms: print (newspapers, magazine, journals, newsletters, etc.), online (news websites, blogs, social media sites, etc.), and broadcast (radio and television) mediums so you can challenge us to commission any kind of project and we’ll deliver appropriate content for your campaign.

We provide excellent customer service for many clients across the Arab region.

We offer a high-quality and professional editorial service that cater to all your journalistic and communication needs and, above all, you can be sure that your text will be unique and 100% plagiarism-free, and clearly intended for editorial use.

Press Releases

Creating a press release in the Arabic language that garners media attention for your upcoming event or announcement is not an easy task.

Nowadays, it can be hard to obtain a quality-driven press release service in the Arab region.

Luckily, our press release writers master the creation of compelling press releases for your intended audience. Thanks to our writers’ broad knowledge in the journalism and public relations fields, we can deliver top-notch press releases and unique journalistic content.

Our advertising and content material is always one-of-a-kind, concise and caters to your organization’s or company’s needs. Our end-product always has to gain a high level of our clients’ satisfaction.

During the writing process, you will always have an opportunity to approve, suggest changes and/or revise our delivered material until you are satisfied with the final products.


In Oryx Translation, we provide a professional voiceover service. Our team consists of unique native voice talents, studio engineers as well as audio and video translators.

Our offer includes: voiceovers for advertisements, internet videos, game shows, documentaries, audiobooks, e-learning audios, corporate presentations, video dubbing, and other broadcast and non-broadcast narrations.

We guarantee the right voice for your project, let alone the superior sound quality, accuracy and native fluency of each audio or video project we deliver.

Please listen to these demos of males and females voiceover talents:

Arabic-Female Character

Arabic-Female Commercial

Arabic-Female Narration

Arabic-Male Character

Arabic-Male News Bulletin

English-Female Commercial

English-Male Commercial

English-Male Narration

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