Automotive Translation

Our automotive translation service includes:

  • Training and user manuals.
  • Automotive service manuals.
  • Automotive diagnosis manuals.
  • Automotive marketing brochures.
  • Manufacturers’ press releases.
  • Auto warranty books.
  • Sales reports.
  • Advertising campaigns.
  • Online automotive websites.

Unlike any other language pair, translating a technical automotive document from English to Arabic and vice versa is a hectic task for many reasons, the most important of which is the lack of good sources of terminology and the scarcity of technical people who are involved in this subject area.

We don’t even have good English-Arabic dictionaries for automotive subjects, mechanical and electric engineering, and all other areas related to cars. This means that the automotive-oriented field is still “virgin” – if we may say so – even those translators who are claiming that they have an “extensive” knowledge and “broad” experience in this specialization, the end-users of their products will figure out that their translation is a hundred miles away from being flawless!

On the other hand, our team in Oryx Translation has exceptional experience in this most sought-after translation field. We have the journalistic experience which not only helps us in unpacking the meaning behind the intended source materials but to coin new words and terms in the auto industry, as well.

This comes as a result of our extensive knowledge of almost everything related to the automotive world, which includes, without limitation, writing economic, technology-oriented, and engineering-wise pieces, let alone mastering both the English and Arabic languages.

Automotive Journalism, Copywriting, and PR Services

Oryx Translation offers professional, full-fledged automotive copywriting and press release services in both Arabic and English languages.

Car manufacturers, auto suppliers and dealers in the Middle East can benefit from almost 15 years of experience in the automotive and motoring fields.

Our talented team offers a comprehensive automotive copywriting service ranging from full press kits to simple press releases. What is more, we offer automotive editorial services for many online media companies and reputable media outlets across the region, both in English and Arabic.

Our automotive editorial, copywriting and PR services include:

  • Automotive press releases.
  • Executives’ speeches and announcements.
  • Car news pieces.
  • Automotive economic and technological pieces.
  • New car reviews and test drives.
  • Comprehensive, all-encompassing coverage of regional and international motor shows.
  • Concept and future car reviews.
  • Car catalogs.
  • Interviews of regional and international figures in the industry.

Business Translation

Translating a business or financial subject is no longer an issue!

At Oryx Translation, we believe that to get involved in translation of a financial and/or business subject we should not only know the required terminology but also understand the subject at hand.

That’s why our specialized team has a wide experience in banking, insurance, stock market, and other financial and economic subjects. We are also familiar with the rich jargon of American English financial terms.

Our business/financial translation service includes:

  • Marketing, advertising, and financial statements/reports.
  • Brochures and catalogs.
  • Press releases.
  • Human Resources documents.
  • Bank statements.
  • Online business articles.
  • Business figures’ quotes.
  • Business plans.

Medical Translation

The general heading of “medicine” covers pharmacology, life sciences, healthcare, biomedicine, and more. Our specialized team at Oryx Translation has a considerable experience in most of those categories.

Our translators have the ability to render medically related data in an accurate and concise manner, with the highest degree of consistency, accuracy, and precision.

Our medical translation service includes:

  • Medical and laboratory equipment.
  • Medical reports.
  • Research articles in medical journals.
  • Patient information leaflets.
  • User manuals for medical devices and instructions for use (IFUs).
  • Medical companies’ newsletters.
  • Patient reports.
  • Imaging results.

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