Expert translation services from and into English and Arabic languages

Our Services:

  • Translation
  • Proofreading
  • Journalistic copywriting
  • Press releases
  • Voiceover

We’re experts in:

  • Automotive translation
  • Business translation
  • Economics translation
  • Medical and pharmaceutical translation
  • Automotive copywriting and PR services

However, our scope of work is not limited to these domains.

Our values

We honor our values and respect our customers.

This makes us what we are!

It’s no secret that many view translation as an “art of failure,” including the great Italian novelist Umberto Eco. Nevertheless, our dedicated and professional team in Oryx Translation is trying to defy the global stereotypes and negative viewpoints stacked up against the concept of translation.

In fact, we believe that translation cannot only be perceived as an art of converting written texts from one language to the other; rather, to transcend the narrow limits of this brief definition and position the previous process within a certain impermeable cultural rim!

To put it simply, our prestigious translators and editors have a tendency not to leave behind strands of customs and traditions when translating the source texts at hand.

Oryx Translation – Fast and Efficient

At Oryx Translation, we are inspired by the Arabian Oryx which is the official animal in Jordan, Qatar, Oman and UAE. It has been chosen by us to represent our business image in the Middle East. We couldn’t find a better symbol to name our company after!

We see our company as the mighty oryx – very fast, agile, able to quickly leap over the obstacles – the strong survivor. Above all, it symbolizes grace and purity which are the key characteristics that equally match Oryx Translation.

10 Reasons to choose Oryx Translation

Professional experience

All our translators, writers, journalists and linguists have professional qualifications and extensive knowledge in the fields we offer, as well as have more than 10 years of professional experience.

Full range of services

We offer a full range of services, such as editing and proofreading, journalism, press releases, and voiceover, along with the translation service.

Automotive, medical and business

We narrow the scope of specialization to include only automotive, medical and business. This allows us to render accurate translation, not to mention to increase our level of experience and knowledge at those fields.

The same layout and file format

We deliver the translated materials in the same layout and file format. We even deliver ready-to-print or zero defect translated material in friendly-use PDF versions, upon request.

Knowledge-based translators

Our knowledge-based translators, writers, journalists and linguists guarantee high-quality service with fast delivery, quick turnaround and on time – just like an Oryx!


We understand that, to many clients, confidentiality is of paramount importance. With Oryx Translation, confidentiality can be taken for granted.

Professional translation skills

A triad of unique ingredients of success: professional translation skills reliant on many years of learning and practicing, a wide experience in media journalism both academically and professionally, and finally, a comprehensive expertise in the Arabic and English languages and our fields per se, makes us stand out from the rest of competitors.

Strict audit system

We have a very strict audit system to vet every single project and to have a second eye on all the materials given. In other words, there is at least one editor or reviser assigned for every translation project, besides the main translator/s. Similarly, there is at least one proofreader dedicated to each project we have.

High-quality management system

We have a fully-working, documented and high-quality management system . We do take quality seriously and have compiled procedures, instructions, and other documentation to facilitate quality control; aiming at making our small company accredited to ISO 9001:2008.

At least one translation sample

In each project, and of course depending on the deadline of delivering the materials, our team will submit at least one translation sample to the client, after signing the contract. This sample allows the client to check that all the options chosen are valid and to get an idea of the end-result.

Stay informed about our latest updates and information on the translation industry, recent offers and discounts on translation projects, and on our ever-growing professional services we provide.

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